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Welcome to the official website for Iconoclasm! 

        Iconoclasm was founded by several friends with the desire to raid 10 man dungeons in the Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm Expansions. Pursuing the difficult raiding achievements has become one of the guild’s primary goals, in addition to progression. This keeps us challenged and offers rewards and incentive beyond just loot.

Our goal has always been to spend between 2-3 nights weekly to attain the same goals that much larger guilds attain, but spend less time doing it. Why do we believe that this is possible? Because we have done it before!

Our raiding core, historically, has strived to be in the top 5 guilds on our server, whether it be on Staghelm, or for some of us, our original server, Hellscream. We have always met that goal. We will continue to excel if we all work together to execute the chosen strategy and dedicate the time to achieve the maximum potential for our individual toons.
        Iconoclasm was not founded to have a strict structure. We all want the same things: To have fun and kill bosses. We are not here to explain individual roles in a raid, our players already have a grasp on that. Our structure only exists to serve this guild and our raids. We encourage our members to contribute ideas and strategies, on this forum, to improve not only our raids, but our guild as well. 

        Our members range in experience and background but several factors will continue to keep us together as a group and that is our desire to see the highest levels of content and to enjoy the game.

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Theralion and Valiona down!

Tyrenbane, Jan 23, 11 11:36 PM.

Conclave of Winds down, first night!

Tyrenbane, Jan 23, 11 11:20 PM.

Omnotron Defense System Down!!!

Tyrenbane, Jan 10, 11 11:56 PM.
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